Apex Supplementals

None of these materials are derived from the Apex coursework. They're just assigned the unit/lesson numbers for convenience.

Many of these pages are not finished. This is mostly proof-of-concept experimentation. Use at your own risk.

Algebra 1 Prescriptive

5.1: Two-Variable Systems - Graphing

5.3: Two-Variable Systems - Elimination

6.1: Exponents

6.2: Exponential Functions

6.3: Graphs of Exponential Functions

7.1: Arithmetic Sequences

10.1: GCF and Factoring by Grouping

11.1: Solving Quadratic Equations: with and without leading coefficient

11.2: Completing the Square

Algebra 2 Prescriptive

weird why none yet?

Geometry Prescriptive

6.1: What is a circle?

6.2: Chords

8.1: Midpoint Formula

8.2: Distance Formula

8.4: Slope

12.1: What Is Probability?


Content on these pages is all written and artisinally hand-coded by me (S. Rich), using the following tools:

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